In pessimism, some people are planning ahead. Are you ready for HF21, SCT?『悲观之中,有人在未雨绸缪。面对HF21,SCT,你准备好了吗?

在最开始接触SteemCoinPan的时候,我就在思考一个问题:SCT不能只依靠steem-engine,甚至不能只依附在 steem blockchain 上。

When I first came into contact with SteemCoinPan, I was thinking about a problem: SCT can’t just rely on steem-engine, or even just attached to the steem blockchain.


I have painted this picture above, and now I will take it out for discussion.

大家应该都感受到了,HF21并没有给我们带来多少喜悦。如果你在steemit上打开 “HF21” 的tag,人们谈论最多的还是对HF21的批评。

Everyone should have felt that HF21 did not bring us much joy. If you open the “HF21” tag on the steemit, the most talked about is the criticism of the HF21.

今天我又看到了一个坏消息: steem blockchain 上唯一的视频应用网站—— dtube,要在 steem blockchain 以外的地方发行自己的 token 了。

Today I saw another bad news: the only video application site on the steem blockchain, dtube, has to issue its own token outside of the steem blockchain.

很多人感觉到 HF21 对使用者并不友好,我也有同样的感觉。如果大家都不在看好 steem 区块链未来的发展,那么建立在 steem 区块链上的steem-engine能够独善其身吗?

Many people feel that the HF21 is not friendly and I feel the same. If everyone is not optimistic about the future development of the steem blockchain, can the steem-engine built on the steem blockchain be able to stand alone?

对于 SteemCoinPan 团队来说,现在是时候应该考虑一下自己未来的发展问题了。

For the SteemCoinPan team, it’s time to consider your future development issues.