I think the price of SCT may rise in the next week.『我觉得在未来一周的时间里SCT的价格可能会涨一波』


出于对 SteemCoinPan 团队的信任,我一直觉得 SCT 是一个很好的投资标的。
Out of trust in the SteemCoinPan team, I have always felt that SCT is a good investment target.

了解 SCT 的人应该都知道,在此之前 SCT 的价格已经经历了两次拉升。
Anyone who knows SCT should know that the price of SCT has gone through two pulls before this.

第1次价格拉升是 SCT 在 steem-engine 上市。以及 SteemCoinPan 平台 上线 运行。
The first price increase was the launch of SCT at steem-engine.And the SteemCoinPan platform is up and running.

第2次价格拉升是因为 SteemCoinPan 团队在 steem-engine 上发行 SCTM。
The second price increase was due to the SteemCoinPan team releasing SCTM on steem-engine.

To sum up, the first two price increases were driven by certain events.

那么,在这个月底, SteemCoinPan 团队将会在 steem-engine 上进行第3次空投, SCT 的价格会不会再次上升呢??
So, at the end of this month, the SteemCoinPan team will make a third airdrop on the steem-engine, will the price of the SCT rise again??

This is very exciting.