The last day of time, is the SCT finally going to work?『时间还剩下最后一天,SCT 终于要发力了吗?』


刚才看了一下 steem-engine 里 SCT 的价格,已经涨了接近 5%。
I just looked at the price of SCT in steem-engine, which has risen by 5% nearly.

之前我一直在预测 SCT 的价格会涨一次,可事实却让人失望,SCT 的价格一直没有动静。
I have been predicting that the price of SCT will rise once, but the fact is disappointing. The price of SCT has not been moving.

In time, the days of airdrops are now very close.

我不知道这次 SCT 的价格能不能达到前两次的水平。
I don’t know if the price of this SCT can reach the previous two levels.

因为大家都期待着空投,steem-engine 里有很多 SCT 的高价卖单,想要消化这些卖单需要很多资金。
Because everyone is looking forward to airdrops, there are a lot of SCT high-priced sell orders in steem-engine, and it takes a lot of money to digest these offers.