The price increase that people are expecting does not appear, and the wonderful continues!『让人期待的涨价没有出现,精彩继续!』

Unconsciously, one month has passed.不知不觉,一个月的时间就这么过去了。
In the past month, many people have been thinking about one thing, SCT’s third airdrop.这一个月里,很多人心里都惦记着一个事儿,SCT 的第三次空投。
For me, I don’t pay attention to the SCT’s airdrop. I am concerned about whether this airdrop can drive the price of SCT.对我来说,我并不关注SCT的空投,我关注的是这次空投能否带动SCT价格上涨。
Most of the SCTs in my account have been staked, and there are fewer than twenty SCTs that can be circulated.我账户里的SCT大部分都已经被我 staked,能够流通的SCT只有不到二十个。
Today is the date of the SCT’s third airdrop confirmation. From the current state of view, the price of SCT may not show a big increase.今天是SCT第三次空投的确权日期,以现在的状态来看,SCT的价格可能不会出现大的涨幅。
I guess this is what the SteemCoinPan team is interested in. The stable price of the SCT can prevent speculators from taking advantage of the loopholes.我猜这是SteemCoinPan团队有意为之,SCT价格稳定可以防止羊毛党薅羊毛。
Regardless of whether this airdrop has any impact on SCT prices, I believe SCT is always a token worth looking forward to.不管这次的空投对SCT价格有没有影响,我相信SCT始终是一个值得期待的token。