For the current price, I prefer to stake all the zzan!『对于现在的价格,我更愿意把zzan全部锁起来!』

At this stage, the price of zzan is much lower than that of SCT, which is caused by their different airdrop methods. In my opinion, they are very similar, and the future price should be similar. So I decided to stake all the zzan I have, and wait for the price of zzan to rise, and then consider selling it.

I will have this idea, mainly because their background is too similar.

They are all works by the Korean team. I heard that some members of the SCT team are also part-time consultants of the zzan team. From this point of view, they should all be in the same line. They all continue to steem-engine to issue their own tokens, and the mode of operation is similar. Therefore, the impact of the airdrop method on the price of the token should be only temporary.

For the above reasons, I decided to withdraw all the zzan pending orders that I have not yet completed, and to withdraw all the zzan stakes!




它们都是韩国团队推出来的作品,听说有些SCT团队的成员还兼职zzan团队的顾问,从这一点上看它们应该全是一脉相承的。它们都是继续 steem-engine 发行自己的代币,运作模式同样类似。所以空投方式对代币价格的影响应该只是暂时的。

基于上述理由,我决定把我还未成交的zzan挂单全部撤回,并且把撤回的 zzan 全部 stake!